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COSMEDERM-7 is a PATENTED anti-irritant compound that dramatically surpresses sensory irritation, itching, burning stinging - without side effects! COSMEDERM-7 is effective as a pre- treatment to protect skin from chemical and environmental irritation.  It is also effective when formulated in combination with irritating ingredients or even when applied after irritation has started. Discovered by Gary S. Hahn, M.D.,  COSMEDERM-7 is the commercial name for the natural element Strontium. It is chemically similar to calcium, and is present in seawater and found in the foods we eat, especially in green leafy vegetables.
Skin irritation is a major commercial problem in cosmetics and also OTC and prescription topical drugs. By reducing irritation that can be caused by a wide variety of  irritants, (including Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs and BHAs), anti-perspirants and deodorants, anti-acne agents, Vitamin C, depilatores, hair care products and many other ingredients used in cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals) COSMEDERM-7 enables more effective products to be formulated without the side effects of stinging, itching, burning and redness.
COSMEDERM-7’s anti-irritant activity is due to its ability to block neurogenic inflammation. The skin and other organs respond to chemical, thermal and mechanical stimuli with chemically sensored skin-irritant “receptors” in the nerves. When activated by chemical irritants, skin irritant receptors transmit sensations of itching, burning, stinging and burning pain. COSMEDERM-7 blocks one of the earliest steps of neurogenic inflammation, thus blocking sensory irritation. Since skin irritant receptors do not transmit sensations of touch, pressure or localized pain, COSMEDERM-7 does not produce numbness or ONLY reduce pain as would a local anesthetic such as Lidocaine.
Yes! COSMEDERM-7 is made from natural ingredients and is remarkably safe, with humans already consuming 0.8-5mg daily. More than 10,000 human test exposures indicate that the compound has no known side effects.
COSMEDERM-7 works to help your skin to two ways. First, it acts as an anti-irritant and allows our products to deliver highly potent medical levels of active ingredients without the irritation that would ordinarily occur. Second, the anti-inflammatory properties of COSMEDERM-7, when used regularly, can help inhibit chronic inflammation that can occur in the skin due to chemical irritants, stress, environmental pollutants and other skin products. Recent scientific research suggests that chronic, even low level, inflammation in the skin can cause signs of premature aging in the skin.