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Refinity® Skin Science with Cosmederm’s exclusive COSMEDERM-7 technology  removes the irritation associated with high concentration Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and lets patients enjoy the results they expect without the unwanted irritation. For more product information please go to If you are interested in purchasing the brand or in-licensing the Refinity line please call or e-mail us directly (scroll down for our contact information)


TriCalm®  Licensed to and sold by Lifeware Technologies



What Makes Our Technology Different

Dynamic Products

Our proprietary compounds and unique formulations allow us to formulate highly potent, yet non-irritating, cosmetic products and non-steroidal products that treat itch.

Safety First

Our proprietary compounds deliver on the promise of superior efficacy and exceptional results without compromising safety.

Leading the Way

Shifting the treatment paradigm in both cosmetics and over the counter technology